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In this blog we will be writing about all things to do with web development, Joomla and how the web can be used to maximum effect in your business. Add a few SEO articles and you have a valuable resource of information about doing business online.

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Email spam test site

Do you send a lot of emails from your domain address?  Are some of these to multiple people?  Then you probably need to think about testing these for the spam rating. Testing your emails before you send them out can save a lot of them ending up in someone's junk folder.  All that means is you have to chase them up about the email or they start chasing you up because they haven't received something.

Free Screen Recording for Support

One of the biggestg problems in both getting and providing support is the explanation of the problem.  For the person seeking support they are often struggling with the right words to use to explain what their problem is with a website or any other computer issue that can be seen on screen.  For the support provider, the difficulty comes in trying to interpret the user's problem and then fixing it properly. Often it can take quite some time for both parties to get to a stage where the issue is clear.

Free malware and security scanning

There is a great little website around called Gravityscan.  It's a free service, although it does have a premium paid aspect to it, that will run a check on your website and see if there is any malware or threats present.

Gravityscan's pedigree is quite good in that it comes from the makers of Wordfence.  Wordfence is a well known security monitor for the Wordpress CMS.

Gravityscan will check your site and compare against its impressive list of vulnerabilities to see if your site has any.  It also looks for a malsware signs of a site that has been hacked.  These hacks can be missed by an inexperienced website owner for months.  They can also be missed by poor web developers as a result of not monitoring their sites and even poor hosting can leave doors open for hackers to infect sites. Gravityscan looks for and defacement of pages, seo spam, pages that are being maliciously redirected, phishing pages and other nasty content.

Stigma Charter LogoThe Stop Mental Illness Stigma charter is an initiative of the Murray Primary Health Network.

This is a great idea as it can be used in businesses, clubs, training establishments, employment agencies and government of all levels.

Stigma is a huge issue not only in the acceptance of people experiencing mental health issues, but also with people who may have a suspected problem.  The stigma surrounding mental health can actually prevent people from seeking help.  They can be afraid of backlash, rejection, job loss and other consequences that can arise in situations where stigma is rife.  It is for this reason we need to stamp it out.

hacker applying ransomwareImage by WikipediaOnce again the hacking community is becoming even more active with a threat to websites. Ransomware is malware that is injected into code on your website. Please remember this is not done by individuals but by bot software roaming the web looking for opportunities and vulnerable sites.  These are usually ones that are not up to date.

This malware will lock your website until a “ransom” is paid. Ransoms would probably vary depending on the nature of the site, but according to the FBI they are kept reasonably low because most people tend to pay them to get their site back. (Refer

continuousImprovementMany clients approach the issue of establishing a web site without being sure of the end result. That's understandable; some people are not particularly visual and others don't necessarily have the planning skills to put a master plan together.

But everyone seems to have a good idea of what they want and it is the web developers role, not only to make their vision come true, but come true in a way that meets all the modern requirements of establishing a good web site.


Hacker attempting access to siteBefore embarking on reading this article, you should familiarise yourself with our first article on Securing Your Joomla Website. These articles on security go hand in hand and it is important that the first issues be addressed. If you don't, then following through with action on these issues will be a half baked remedy.

One of the best ways I have found of securing Joomla sites is with the extension Admin Tools.  Like many extensions in Joomla, there is a free version and a paid version.  I would encourage you not to muck about with the free version and go straight for a subscription. The number of benefits and additional security methods applied with the paid version are worth every cent of the subscription. The subscription to the Essentials package also includes Akeeba Backup which we will discuss in another article on backing up your Joomla website.

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