www and mouse imageWeb design is a serious business. What you put online is the 24/7 representative of your business, organisation or even yourself. In addition, you can have the best looking web site ever seen, but if it can't be found on Google and other search engines then it's a complete waste of time doing it in the first place. And by being found, I don't mean people searching for the name of your business. You will always be found in that manner. I mean being found when someone searches for "plumbers bendigo" for example.

Your website is often the very first contact a potential customer has with your business. Remember the old saying the "first impressions last the longest"? Well it is very true with web sites. In fact if people don't like what they see or can't find the information they are looking for they will simply go somewhere else.

So, a website not only has to look good, it also has to have good navigation, easy to find information and rank well in the search engines. You can see why I said this is a serious business.

There are many people out there claiming they can write web sites and good luck to them. A professional web designer or developer not only develops websites with all the above issues in mind, but you will also find they can actually read computer code. They don't just design your website using a graphical interface. They get behind that and tweak code to make it work even better.  This can really improve search engine results for you because the site is written properly with well structured code.

Here at Bushsong, we have been writing, developing and coding websites since 1997 and that's an eternity in internet time. We keep up with the latest changes so that you the customer get the benefit and advantage of all the new technology.  We use Joomla to write our websites and provide you with a manual on how to take over the website once it's up an running. It's no good if you have to run back to us every time you want to make a small change.

We look after your web requirements from start to finish. We will register your domain name, write your site, assist with copywriting, ensure it ranks well on search engines (SEO), do photography or source stock photos and when the site is finished we can host it for you. This means you can take advantage of a complete service.

Why not call us today on 0407412100 or send us an email via the Contact Page and we can have a talk about how Bushsong can help you with an effective Joomla web design project.

Domain Registration

The first thing you need for a website is a domain and we always recommend a one if you are doing business in Australia. It immediately lets people know you're an Australian business. It also ensures you will appear in Google if someone searches for Austalia only.

Bushsong can provide domain names for all requirements including and We can also provide registration to all other Australian, New Zealand, Global and many other country extensions.

Talk to us today about your domain requirements. We can even search for top quality names for your business.

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