Berry Springs

Berry Springs swimming area 2
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Berry Springs is a great place for a day out.  As I have already mentioned in my post about the Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs is only about 50km from Darwin.  Obviously the Wildlife Park is a visit to to while you are in Berry Springs, but then there are the springs themselves to visit while you are here.

The springs we have seen are quite amazing in the Territory. I've already done posts about Mataranka Springs and Bitter Springs at Mataranka.  Berry Springs is probably set in a wider area and certainly more suitable for a picnic.

There are extensive grounds around the springs with large grassed and shady areas and quite a number of tables.  It's a great place for a picnic where you can spread yourself out in an area pegged out for your exclusive use and then wander down to the Springs at your leisure.

There are three areas at Berry Springs.  There are the Springs themselves which has a the water running over a rock ledge about a metre high into a pool below.  Then there is the main pool for swimming and then the lower area.  All in all, it is quite large for swimmers and you can easily wander between the various swimming and bathing areas.  The water is lovely and warm and you will no doubt enjoy a good dip. 

While the area is rather "manufactured" with concrete and stone areas and pool ladders, the bottom of the swimming areas are untouched and very natural.

Great place for a day out.

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