Daly Waters Hotel

The caravan park at Daly Waters Hotel
(Click on the image above to see images of the Daly Waters Hotel)

We had intended to stay at Renner Springs for our next night, however a Google search in Tennant Creek revealed there were no springs there of note and just a roadhouse. It looked OK as a camping spot as we drove past, but it was easier to put more kilometres under us given the time of day. Consequently, we headed for Daly Waters and the famous Daly Waters Hotel. We arrived around 4pm having travelled 521km for the day.

Daly Waters was another of those really disappointing camping areas. Looked like another night would be spent camping in something akin to a shopping centre carpark with everyone crammed into a single spot with just enough room to extend your awning. Oh and did I mention the dust?

The hotel is one of those iconic Australian pubs that you just have to see at least once and have a drink there. The wait at the bar was five deep though and not being someone who is fond of crowds, I headed back to the camp. There is a huge outdoor dining room come beer garden where entertainment is held every night. I missed my beer at the Daly Waters pub but may find myself there at a quieter time perhaps.

Next morning afforded an opportunity to wander through the outdoor area and bar and take some photos of all the paraphanalia hanging from the walls and roof.  It really is quite amazing and you can understand why people love the place.

Out the back of the camp there are rodeo yards and campdraft yards. Obviously they have these events every year but I would imagine they are in the off tourist season. These are really well set up and you can just imagine them full of people from the stations around the area competing in the events and catching up with people they might only see once a year.

A tip for future travellers in peak season is that you might be better off staying at the Hi Way Inn Caravan Park which is on the Stuart Highway and then driving into the Daly Waters Pub to have a look at the place. We didn’t go in there, but it looked to be a much nicer caravan park than the dust bowl at the Daly Waters pub.


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