Ross River to Devils Marbles Hotel

The old Barrow Creek Telegraph Station
(Click on the image above to see an image of the Barrow Creet Telegraph Station and wall art at Wycliffe Wells Service Station)

After heading into Alice Springs, just a short 85km hop, we did a big shop to fill the fridge and freezer for the trip north.

The Devil’s Marbles was our next target, but the distance was probably a bit much for a single day after doing our shopping. We had decided to stop at Prowse Gap that is around 168km north of Alice Springs.

It has at least put us back on the road and we were in our free camp by around 2pm at which time we enjoyed a late lunch.  I didn't take any photos of the camp area, but there are plenty available on Google by following this link.  They are all copyright, so I couldn't publish any on this page.  You will have to follow the link.


We are a bit unsure of the free camps from now on. Some people say you have to be in there by around 1pm in order to get a good site and others say 3pm. I suppose it depends on how many people are on the road.

That said, we had one caravan come in around 5pm and take up the last spot out the back. There are still areas for little buses, but you wouldn’t get another caravan in here. However, if you turn right (or north if you’re that way inclined), when coming through the area behind the fence, there are a number of good areas further down where caravans can be accommodated.

Today also saw my biggest mistake (aka stuffup) come to light. The gas ran out so I switched it across to the second bottle, restarted the fridge, relit the stove and settled back down with my beer. The next I hear Jude from the caravan saying the gas had gone out again. Further investigation revealed that the second bottle was indeed empty as well. I could of sworn I had checked they were both full before we left.

Fortunately, a fellow traveller who I had invited over to our offered to sell me one of his as he had two full ones. That was extremely fortunate, but travellers being what travellers are, someone would probably have loaned us a bottle to cook our tea.

The run from Prowse Gap to the Devils Marbles Hotel was only 246km. We needed to end up on the south side of the Devil’s Marbles so we could visit them in the morning.

Given there was no rush, we headed off for a walk along the fence at Prowse Gap and did a few kilometres with Boof. He enjoyed the walk and so did we.

We stopped at Barrow Creek, but only briefly, to take a few shots of the old Telegraph Office and then headed on to Wycliffe Wells where we stopped for lunch.  You can read more on Barrow Creek and the Telegraph Station on a Wikipedia article.

Wycliffe Wells is an interesting place. It has claimed its place as the UFO capital of Australia and has wall murals and statues of aliens all over the place. No doubt the claim and the art work has increased sales of fuel and other items at the roadhouse.

The place appeared to have a very nice caravan park with grassy lawns and good shade. It was interesting that it wasn’t rated very highly on Wikicamps compared to the Devil’s Marbles Hotel. The caravan park there is all stones where you are parked and the unpowered caravan sites, all four of them, were very squeezed. The powered sites weren’t much better actually. That said, the hotel surrounds are lovely and it is an interesting old pub. Drank several beers there in very nice surrounding. However I wouldn’t rate the caravan park as a 4 as it as on Wikicamps.

I didn't take too many photos on this leg of the trip because I didn't find too many things that interesting.  Wycliffe Wells with its UFO art and statues could of been interesting but I found the place a bit uncomfortable.  Lots of people hanging around the place when we were there and a lot of grog sales occurring.  After fuelling up, we moved on.


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