Hermannsburg to Ross River Homestead

Horses in the dry Ross River bed
(Click on the image above to see images of Ross River Homestead)

Today’s run wouldn’t be that long, a pleasant 206 kilometres. In fact it’s nice to get somewhere early and just have a quiet afternoon.

On the way through Alice Springs we stopped at Repco and I purchased a new fuel filter for the diesel heater. I still haven’t given up getting it going again and it is annoying me that I haven’t solved the problem as yet. Given that I had emptied all the diesel from the heater and the reserves into the vehicle fuel tank, the next possible solution might be clean, new fuel and a clean, new filter. We will see how it goes.


We did our shopping in Alice before heading off and stocked up on groceries and fresh fruit.  A full tank of fuel for the car was also in order and I also filled up the 10 litre spare container. Jude also ended up with a nice new pair of Blundstone boots the same as mine.  Mine had proved to be excellent for the walking and climbing we had been doing and she was just ruining her runners.

The drive out to Ross River was certainly lovely and we had a lot of changing vegetation and scenery. So glad to see the homestead open as it was closed last time we were up this way. It is a magnificent old place with lots of history and well worth a visit. The campground is an idyllic set up with tall gum trees offering lots of shade and established fire pits for some communal fires at night.

Ross River used to be a working cattle station but is now for tourism only.  Despite this there are still some cattle wandering around and some horses wandering up and down the dry river bed as well.  I was assured the horses were wild, but that may well be a story for the tourists.

We got a powered site and I was hoping the AC battery charger was working with the new cord installed. (This was the unit that fried the electrical cord between Marree and William Creek.) Unfortunately, it didn’t work and I thought I would check the workings.  On dismantling the unit, I found the section where the AC cord connects internally to also have been fried. The unit is totally dead and we will have to get a new one.

Very much the communal campfire here at Ross River Resort. The fireplaces are all set out so it is quite clear where they want you to have the fires. That’s OK of course but it also means you have to share with the other campers. That can have its good and bad points depending on whether or not those camping nearby are interesting people or not. Fortunately for us, the people who shared our fire were good people and we had a great evening around the fire with a few drinks and some interesting and engaging conversation with our fellow travellers.

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