Alice Springs to Hermannsburg

Stanley Chasm
(Click on the image above to see images of our trip to Hermannsburg through the West McDonnell Ranges)

We bid farewell to Jonas and Ellen. That was a bit of a sad affair in a way as we may not ever see them again. We headed off to Stanley Chasm as the first port of call. It was quite an amazing walk through the canyon area and into the depths of the chasm.


It cost $10 for Seniors as an entrance fee, but was well worth it. The sort of scenery you get to view is very unusual. From Stanley Chasm we headed off to Ormiston Gorge which was rated quite highly from a scenery perspective. It was free to access and the sight was just amazing. Ormiston has a permanent source of water and swimming is allowed. The water however is very cold and you would probably want to wait for some very hot days before venturing into the water. There are huge sandbanks on the side as well so it looks almost like a huge beach.

From Ormiston we headed to Glen Helen Gorge. It was terrible as we couldn’t possibly park the car and caravan anywhere to get access. We had to manoeuvre the van around in order to get out so we didn’t get to see Glen Helen. It is a beautiful spot though as I can attest from an earlier visit.

We kept heading along Namatjira Drive until we reached the intersection with Larapinta Drive and headed east back towards Hermannsburg for the night. Our first priority was to get fuel as I had planned the journey to fuel up in Hermannsburg. Amazingly, the fuel station was closed for three days as it was having electronic fuel pumps installed. It also seemed there were no arrangements to provide any other sort of fuel. It was looking like we might be stuck there for three days until the fuel station opened again.

Once we got into camp and set up, I emptied all the diesel from the heater and the extra 10 litre container I was carrying into the fuel tank. The trip computer showed we had 198 kilometres to travel and Alice Springs was 124 kilometres. Unfortunately, it’s not a terribly reliable indicator. Fortunately there was another vehicle in the camp with a spare container with 20 litres of fuel. I purchased this from him to ensure our return to Alice would be secured.

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