Alice Springs - The Ghan

The Ghan coming into Alice Springs
(Click on the image above to see images of the magnificent Ghan train)

The Ghan is an iconic train that travels between Adelaide and Darwin with a major stop in Alice Springs. It was arriving today at 1.45pm and we were determined to get some photos of the train.

At one stage we had planned on travelling on the train between Alice Springs and Darwin. When I went to book tickets it was going to cost us $1420 each and that was for only 24 hours! Personally, I found it hard to justify the cost so the plan was scrapped.  Jude told me that the cost of the ticket included drinks. Well I might have had a crack at that a few years ago, but not these days.

We had scouted out a few positions the day before and were well prepared for some shots with a good backdrop as the train approached Alice Springs. We then planned to head into the station to get a few more.

We were certainly not disappointed when the train approached our vantage point. It was an awesome sight as it rolled past. At the station we found out that the train was 920 metres long and included 38 carriages.

But some history is warranted here of course. The Ghan is named after the original Afghan cameleers who serviced the outback. Predominantly based in Marree, they roamed the outback with their camels delivering supplies to the most remote stations. They also supplied the Overland Telegraph Line when it was being built and then the railway as it was being developed. The Ghan today is a different route to the original one but the name of the train serves as a permanent reminded of much of the history of the development of inland Australia.

You can read a lot more of the history on Wikipedia in their article about The Ghan.

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