Marla to Desert Oaks

 Desert Oaks free camping area outside Erldunda NT

We left Marla at around 10am as there was no hurry today. Alice Springs would be a fair reach so we had decided to camp at Desert Oaks camping area which was about 30km the other side of Erldunda.

The drive today was 272km and we now only have another 140km to go before our Alice Springs camp which will be at least 4 nights.

We stopped at a truck bay just outside Kulgera in the Northern Territory for lunch. We have finally arrived in the NT!

Erldunda was our next stop to fuel up. Nice surprise waiting for us there with fuel at $2.02 a litre for diesel. I suppose they have a nice little gold mine happening there with no competition. No point complaining though, you just hand over the card or go without the fuel.

Desert Oaks is a free camping area with lovely clean toilets. Given the location of the place, I have no idea who actually cleans them. It was written up in Wikicamps to be a 4 star campsite. The photos showed it looked to be really lovely. It didn’t live up to its reputation though in my opinion. We had intended to stay 2 nights, but it will only be one. We also seem to have some clown with no idea of camping etiquette who is running a generator. If you aren’t self sufficient with your own power, then go and stay in a caravan park and don’t inflict your generators on everyone else.

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