John and Vicki Coulls at dinner with us in Marla
(Click on the image above to see images from Marla. Only people at dinner this time.)

I wanted to get an early start from Coober Pedy and Jude was up early enough and packed up well before 9am. This was a great start. I really wanted to get out of that caravan park.

Coober Pedy to Marla was only 239km, so I had hoped to be there around lunchtime and then spend 2 nights. I was looking forward to a bit of a rest in a good sized area and Marla’s Traveller’s Rest is a great spot. They have plenty of water and keep the sprinklers on their grassed areas all day. The park is quite roomy and no-one is squeezed in which makes for a pleasant experience. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos while I was there.

Once arrived and set up I rang my mate Coullsy who lives with his wife out on the aboriginal community of Indulkana. Vicki is one of the nurses at the clinic and Coullsy drives the ambulance on a rotating basis.  We were to stay the night with them out in the community.

We went for a walk around the community around dinner time and there were many people about outside. Everyone was quite friendly and said hello and waved. We stopped and talked with one man named Peter who was washing his car. He was quite a gentleman.

After breakfast the next morning and a bit more of a chat, we left Indulkana and headed back into Marla. It was just a pleasant day doing little. We did go for a drive down the Oodnadatta Track to see if there were any eagles around to photograph.

These wedge tailed eagles are quite monstrous and you will often see them with crows feeding on road kill. Despite travelling about 20km down the track, we didn’t see anything of value so we returned to camp.

Coullsy and Vicki came into Marla for dinner that night with us. Pretty ordinary feed, but great company. Peter, the gentleman I had met at Indulkana, had been down to Coober Pedy and was having a beer in the tavern at Marla with his friend David. Coullsy and I sat and had a good yarn with both of them over a drink or two. David was from another community further out than Indulkana and another absolute gentleman.

I also met another bloke who goes by the name of “Rhino”. Quite possibly because of his size and stature. He had been around Marla for quite a long time and did a lot of stock work in the area. He was very interesting to talk to about the mustering methods they used with helicopters and horses to flush the cattle out of the scrub.

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