Coober Pedy Day 1

Stuart Range Coober Pedy Caravan Park packed to the gunnels. Overcrowded.

Photo is of the caravan park with vans top and tailed. The place was crammed completely full.

Off to the hardware store immediately after breakfast to gather some supplies for the repairs.

The caravan structure was somewhat disappointing when you looked at what had gone wrong really. The table was attached to the wall with some screws all right, but the wall was only 3 ply. Surely this would weaken over time irrespective of use. The stove the same in a way in that it just sat in the area cut out for it with a screw in each side at the top.


I obtained some 7 ply and cut it to size and then screwed and glued it to the caravan wall with liquid nails. I then screwed the table to this so it had some decent support. I doubt it will move again. I also screwed the stove in place properly on both sides and with decent size screws as well. The drawers were put back in place but probably need some new rollers. The worst situation turned out to be the charging unit. For some reason the power cord was fried! It had shorted the circuit breaker though so no danger. I replaced the fuses but still doesn’t appear to be working so I will wait till we get to Alice Springs to have it checked.

Pretty happy with my handiwork all up and we now have a functional van again that it probably more secure than when we started. We still think we will have to stick to the black top from now on which is most unfortunate. It is not where I really like to be and certainly not stuck in caravan parks with thousands of other people. I much prefer to be camped in the bush. Perhaps we will need to rethink our strategy.

It looks like the caravan park had set pine posts up to distinguish site sizes so you could set up your van and park your car next to it.  Seems some bright spark has come up with the idea of doubling the size of the guests by getting them to top and tail in the one site.  Talk about living on top of people! Still, there are no other options unfortunately and you just have to put up with it or not stay in Coober Pedy.

There isn't much in the way of photos today as I was working on the caravan all day.

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