Burra to Parachilna Gorge

Camp at Parachilna Gorge
(Click on the image above to see images from Parachilna Gorge)

The next stage of our trip was from Burra to Parachilna gorge. This took us through Peterborough to Orroroo where we headed north towards Hawker in the Flinders Ranges. It was an easy drive today and so we did the 250km straight through. We did stop for a quick break to pick up some wood at a creek crossing. Never miss an opportunity to grab some good wood for the evening fire.


The trip was initially looking like a real struggle as the wind was blowing a gale and the ute was travelling along in fourth gear even though I dropped back to 85kph. It was a very strong side wind from the west. It dropped after Peterborough and travel became much easier with the ute happy to go along in sixth gear again.

Lunch was in Hawker and I also checked road conditions through the Parachilna Gorge at the Information Centre. I should of checked fuel availability too but Google had already told me it was available at the Prairie Hotel. When we arrived, this was not the case and I only had 100km left in the tank.

The gorge road however had a sign to Angorichna Tourist Village and a very welcome addition that said “Fuel Available”. It was a 17km trip and I was expecting a $2 to $3 price tag on the fuel when we got there given the location. I was very pleasantly surprised to find it was only $1.55. Filled the ute to the brim and headed off again.

We had been keeping our eye out for some good camping spots on the way to get fuel and picked out a good one that even had running water in a small creek. We headed back there and grabbed a spot. There were two other caravans and a small camper in the area, but plenty of room for everyone.

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