Pinnaroo To Burra

Our camp at Worlds End Gorge
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Our trip to Burra, or rather Worlds End Gorge just 30km out of Burra, was most enjoyable.

We travelled from Pinnaroo up to Loxton and then along the Murray River through Waikerie to Morgan. Morgan is a bit of a traditional river crossing for me as I have used it many times on trips north. It is always exciting to cross the river on the ferry rather than a bridge.

From Morgan we headed out across the saltbush country towards Burra and found a great little spot for lunch amongst some scrubby trees and saltbush. It was here that I put the co-ordinates in for Worlds End Gorge into the satnav. It decided to take us down this gravel road called Powerline Road. I gather the name comes from the powerlines which run down the side all the way. It was a great trip across the back country. The road was good and there were many interesting sights along the way. It’s always amazing how much more you see travelling at 60kph instead of 90kph.

The road took us out onto the Worlds End Highway and it really is like a highway. A short distance down the road we turned off into the Worlds End Gorge and set up camp. What a beautiful location with towering river red gums dotted all over the reserve. Worlds End Gorge is a free camping spot and had a couple of drop toilets at either end of the camping area. It was more crowded than I expected, but it was the weekend and it dropped off on Sunday night.


It was pleasing to note that the fuel rate had dropped from 18.6l/100 down to 17.4l/100 for the day

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