Wedderburn to Pinnaroo

The ute with boat and van on the road
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And We’re Off

Today, the 18th May, is the first day of our big trip to Darwin and beyond. Our plans at this stage include going up the centre via the Oodnadatta Track to Darwin where we will be staying for around six or seven weeks. After that we will probably wend our way home via outback Queensland and NSW. Jude wants to visit Broken Hill on the way home.


We are all loaded up with the caravan and boat looking like some very serious grey nomads. Well, that’s not quite true. One of us is a grey nomad and the other is a brown hair with auburn tips nomad.

Day one takes north to Sealake from our home in Wedderburn where we head to Patchewollock for lunch. There is a new piece of silo art work there that has been done that we haven’t seen yet. It turned out to be a pretty impressive piece too.

We stopped for lunch here and enjoyed a brief walk around the very small town. Seems another one like our own that is looking for a purpose in life to survive and trying to find a way to attract visitors. To me though, the number of silos being painted is making them all to common place. Some of the more out of the way places might miss out on a lot of visitors. The silo art is not as special as it was in the first instance with the ones at Brim. I even hear the pub has closed down in Brim now, so another business falls victim to a drop off in visitors perhaps.

Pinnaroo was our stop for the first night. It’s a small town just over the Victorian/South Australian border. A very clean and pleasant town where we fuelled up and spent money at the local supermarket on some food. Pinnaroo has a free camping area almost in the heart of town. It’s just near the caravan park on a large block that appears to have been cleared of some building in the past. There is evidence of bitumen on the ground so it could of been an old school. We were the only ones in the camp for the night.

In the morning, we went for a walk around the Pinnaroo wetlands. They have been very well done and it’s a credit to the town. Well worth a visit to see these and also the mosaics that are all over the park.

Our fuel consumption for the first day was a bit heavy I thought coming in at 18.6 litres per 100 km.


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