We got away from Boulia at around 9.30am and headed for Winton. The trip was 360km, so a reasonable day in the car. We did plan to stop at Middleton for lunch which we though would work in well with our timing. It turned out to be exactly the case.

Min Min was supposed to be on the way, but it seems there is nothing left there now to mark the spot where the old hotel stood. If there was, then we missed it.

We did see the signs below which tell the story about the Min Min Lights. We had heard a bit about the Min Min Lights in Boulia at the Information Centre. I have read many stories and poems about the phenomena. Too many sightings to be ignored in my book, but they still can’t be proven scientifically.

Min Min Light Board
Min Min Lights Explanation

Before arriving at Middleton though, we stopped to take in the views at Cawnpore Lookout. Some fantastic scenery from there in all directions. It was a nice change from the flat and open plain country we had been travelling through to that stage.

View from Cawnpore Lookout

We enjoyed a steak sandwich and a beer at Middleton. Jude had a coffee which were available to visitors for free.


Middleton to Winton

Started out a lovely drive through floodplains, hills and varying country. It was very pleasant. Nearer to Winton, it flattened out again and became quite disinteresting.

Around 40km out of Winton we heard a strange sound like a bottle bursting. Nothing was coming out the back or on the road that I could see, so I kept on driving. It was only when we got to Winton and to the Long Waterhole where we were to camp that we found the back windscreen had smashed. No idea how this could of happened actually. I always cover the back window when on dirt in case of stones or rocks bouncing off the camper trailer. I’ve never bothered on bitumen so I can’t explain it.

Seems we are now stuck at Winton until we can get a replacement screen. I have put the windscreen cover on the back so we can get into town in the morning to see what can be organised. All part of the journey.

We have a great camp on the Long Waterhole. The fire is going and we’ve had a good meal. The wind that we have experienced over the last few days has dropped and it’s a pleasant night.

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