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Posting Sightings To iNaturalist Including Location

iNaturalistOne of the best ways you can help in saving the environment is by posting sightings to iNaturalist including the location of such sightings.  To do this with the location information, you will need to have the GPS co-ordinates of where you located the bird, insect, plant or animal.

So why is this important?  Well there are several reasons.

  1. It provides you with a permanent record of where you sighted and where, plus the time of year too.
  2. It provides other people with information about the location of birds, wildlife, plants and insects they might be looking for.
  3. Collectively, it can provide an indication as to the frequency and density of particular populations.


iNaturalist provides the opportunity to make a sighting location Public, Obscured or Private.  If the sighting is reasonably common or a bird or animal, then there isn’t too much of a reason to keep it private.  An example where you would mark the location private is if you sighted a Mallee Fowl at a nest and photographed the bird.  By all means share the sighting so people know we still have these remarkable birds, but under no circumstances share the location publicly.  You should get in touch with the Mallee Fowl monitoring group though and let them know.  More than likely they will be aware of the nest anyway, but if they aren’t, your contribution will be invaluable.

The same applies to rare and endangered plants like orchids for example.  If this is the case, by all means share your sighting, but not the location.  By sharing the sighting you are letting others know that you have found these plants.  If they want the location, let them contact you and establish their bona fides before giving away that information.

Personally, I believe all sightings should be recorded so we have as much data on our environment as possible.  iNaturalist is easy to use and all entries are transferred to the Atlas of Living Australia.  You will be making a valuable contribution to our environmental future.  The video below shows you how to set up an account at iNaturalist and record the information.


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