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Finding GPS Locations for Photographs

Some cameras are equipped with GPS tracking and record the exact location of photographs in the EXIF data.  If you’re not sure what this is, you can read about it in Wikipedia at the link on EXIF Data.

Your phone photos certainly have GPS data attached to them if you have location services turned on while using the camera. So you don’t need to worry about those ones.  For those of us who like taking photos with larger cameras however, we have to rely on other methods of determining location.  Some cameras have GPS information recorded on them, but most do not.  But why is this important?

Whether you’re taking photos of wildlife and want to record locations, or whether you’re on holidays somewhere, location data is important.  If you’re on holidays, just ask yourself how many times you’ve looked at an image and wondered where it was taken and on what date.  GPS data can tell you that.

With wildlife and birds, GPS data can be handy for locations, seasons and numbers of sightings in particular areas.

In the video below, I show you how you can obtain your GPS location using Google Maps.


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