Website and general photographyWhilst somewhat a departure from Mental Health First Aid Training, I am also quite passionate about my photography. It may even appear to be a departure from some of our other services but fits very well with our web development role.  We are often called upon to do the photography for a website.

This can involve the photography of business assets for use on the web site and in sliders. We have also been called upon to do product photography for use on ecommerce sites.

Apart from the web development, it provides me with the opportunity for some peace, particularly out in the bush. An avid birdwatcher and photographer of all species available, the walk in the bush looking for birds provides many other opportunities as well.  I hope you enjoy this selection of my images which are available in larger sizes by clicking on any of the images.

The images displayed are not all the ones I have available, so if you click on the Portfolio button below the images you can see many more (building all the time).

You can purchase any of the images as framed prints or if you look below the image when you go to the site, you will see you can also acquire it as a poster or other forms.


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