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Eastern Yellow Robin

The Eastern Yellow Robin is another of our delightful Robins we see in the bush from time to time. The Eastern Yellow Robin, so named because it has a western counterpart, ranges from the south east of South Australia, all the way up the east coast to Cooktown in Queensland.  It is one of the larger of the robins and perhaps more easily spotted because of their bright yellow plumage.

The Eastern Yellow Robin is not migratory and tends to establish a territory in a pair or small family group.  Interestingly they are reported as not being too disturbed by the presence of humans.

Wikipedia Description

The eastern yellow robin occupies a wide range of habitats: heaths, mallee, acacia scrub, woodlands, and sclerophyll forests, but is most often found in damper places or near water. Like all Australian robins, the eastern yellow robin tends to inhabit fairly dark, shaded locations, and is a perch and pounce hunter, typically from a tree trunk, wire, or low branch. Its diet includes a wide range of small creatures, mostly insects. Breeding takes place in the spring and, as with many Australian birds, is often communal. The nest is a neat cup made of fine plant material and spider web, usually placed in a fork, and expertly disguised with lichen, moss, bark, or leaves


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