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White Throated Tree Creeper

Tree Creepers are very common in the Wedderburn area, although debate can rage as to whether it’s a White Browed Treecreeper or a Brown Treecreeper.  White Browed tend to be found outside of the Wedderburn area. The White Throated is common though.

These birds forage on the trees in the bush and climb up them in small hops going around and around the tree to cover it completely in its search for food.  Fascinating to watch and photograph.

Wikipedia Description

The white-throated treecreeper (Cormobates leucophaea) is an Australian treecreeper found in the forests of eastern Australia. It is unrelated to the northern hemisphere treecreepers. It is a small passerine bird with predominantly brown and white plumage and measuring some 15 cm (6 in) long on average. It is insectivorous, eating mainly ants. Unlike treecreepers of the genus Climacteris, the white-throated treecreeper does not engage in cooperative breeding, and wherever it overlaps with species of that genus, it feeds upon much looser bark besides typically using different trees.


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