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Southern Scrub Robin

The Southern Scrub Robin is generally a ground dwelling bird that forages in the leaf litter. It is generally found in mallee and heathland in the semi arid areas in the southern parts of Australia.  It can be found from Wyperfeld National Park in Victoria through to the West Coast.

Wikipedia Description

It is a relatively dull and large robin, adults being around 22 centimetres (9 in) in length, of which around a third is the tail feathers. Most of the plumage is grey, except for a dullish red tail and patterned black-and-white wings. The legs are unusually long for a passerine, and are frequently used to hop through the dense heathland that forms the bird’s habitat, where it searches for insects and other small invertebrates.

Unusually for a passerine, the southern scrub robin lays only a single egg, which is grey-green in colour for camouflage amongst the sclerophyllous flora that forms its habitat. Each year between July and December, an egg is laid in a nest of twigs on the ground, and which subsequently hatches after sixteen days.


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