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Restless Flycatcher

The Restless Flycatcher is also known by a number of other names including Razor Grinder, Scissor Grinder, Dishlicker or Dishwasher.  This is because of its unusual call. The Restless Flycatcher also is distinguished by the crest on its head, although this is not always visible.  During the cooler months of the year, the Restless Flycatcher moves further north.

It seems that there isn’t too much concern about the numbers of these birds, but the populations are decreasing.  For me, that’s always cause for concern.

Wikipedia Description

The restless flycatcher feeds on insects, as well as other invertebrates such as spiders and centipedes and will feed alone or in pairs. It often hovers with its head and tail pointed downwards as it picks insects off from leaves, and it rarely goes to the ground, preferring to hunt insects from mid-canopy.


The restless flycatcher builds a cup-shaped nest from shredded bark and grasses, matted and bound with spider-webbing. Linings used are soft bark, grasses, hair or feathers. It is often decorated with lichen, strips of bark or spiders’ egg sacs. The nest site is in the fork of a well-foliaged tree mostly near or overhanging water, though it can be up to twenty or more metres above the ground. They will lay three, light-grey to white glossy eggs with brown or dark spots at the larger end.


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