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Pied Butcherbird

The Pied Butcherbird can be easily confused with an Australian Magpie by new people to birdwatching. However, the two birds are really only common in the fact that they are both black and white.  I find the Pied Butcherbird to be a slightly thicker set type of bird and the beak is also somewhat larger.

The Pied Butcherbird is found across Australia but missing from various parts as described in Wikipedia. I have only seen one here in Wedderburn at date of posting but the distribution information says they are less common in Mallee Scrub.  That is typical of much of the forest around here.

The Wikipedia details are long and extensive, so go and have a look at the link for more information.  One interesting fact is there recognition as a songbird.  Supposedly better than the magpie! It even says that the Pied Butcherbird has been considered the most accomplished songbird in Australia. It was actually described as a flute by one writer.  It would also seem that no one song is sung by the whole population. The songs vary across the States and Regions.


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