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Owlet Nightjar

Owlet Nightjars are not that common a bird in my experience. I haven’t seen too many of them at all. We once had two rosella nest boxes at a house where we were living in Wedderburn and noticed one in a box.  Then we would see it in the other box.  One day we came out and saw one in each box so we were quite amazed.

This photo was taken near Wedderburn when I saw the bird fly across the track and settle in a tree.  When I went back a couple of days later it was there again.  Very thrilled to have gotten this photo.

Wikipedia Description

Owlet-nightjars are insectivores which hunt mostly in the air but sometimes on the ground; their soft plumage is a cryptic mixture of browns and paler shades, they have fairly small, weak feet (but larger and stronger than those of a frogmouth or a nightjar), a tiny bill that opens extraordinarily wide, surrounded by prominent whiskers. The wings are short, with 10 primaries and about 11 secondaries; the tail long and rounded.


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