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Jacky Winter

The Jacky Winter is a small grey and brownish type robin.  It is quite common throughout Australia and is apparently also found in PNG.

The name Jacky Winter almost implies that the bird is only seen in winter, but its name comes from its call.  It tends to inhabit open type woodlands and bush.  The ones I’ve seen also seem to like sitting on dead branches, similar to the Hooded Robin.

Wikipedia Description

The jacky winter can be heard vocalising before sunrise and usually stops towards the middle of the day. Occasionally closer to sunset, it can be heard again. During the day they can be seen perched atop trees and posts, preening their feathers or even sunning to kill the parasites, which may be present in amongst the feathers.


The jacky winter is an insectivore and a sit-and-search predator, which moves amongst perches to locate food. This is a continuous activity that can cover long distances in order to find prey items. The jacky winter has two methods of hunting, which include hawking and ground-pouncing. Hawking is when a bird flies and drops to the ground, grabbing their prey during flight, while ground-pouncing is when they fly from a perch, grabbing prey as they land. Both of these hunting styles are used quite commonly by the jacky winter.

Wikipedia has lots more information on these birds and I recommend you have a look at the entry.  In particular, the entry talks about the threat to the Jacky Winter from a land degradation perspective.


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