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Grey Teal Duck

The Grey Teal Duck is found in open wetlands in Australia and also in New Zealand.  They have a crimson coloured iris, well, that’s if you can get close enough to see it.  It is known as a “dabbling duck” as it feeds on the surface as opposed to diving for its food.  Colouring is a mottled browny colour with white and green on the wings.

The Grey Teal Duck will usually nest in the ground near its lake or wetlands area it is inhabiting.  It will also nest in trees and rabbit burrows.

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Grey Teal has a diet mostly consisting of invertebrates from their habitat; these include; larva of midges, water beetles, mosquitoes and caddisflies. As well as seeds from aquatic plants, present in their habitat. Diet changes according to the locality and time of the year. Thus, in Australia Grey Teal feeds mostly on plant material and especially seeds. It constitutes 87-97% of their diet. Although insects are eaten throughout the year, their part in the diet increases in spring. Similarly, molluscs and crustaceans are important in the diet only during spring and autumn. In Australia, the youngest ducklings feed only on insects but the relative amount decreases to only 30% when they are four weeks old.

Foraging behaviour

Grey Teal will regularly retrieve their food through the process of either dredging out estuary mudflats or exposed margins of lakeside to filter out food. Dabbling and upending in shallow water areas is another technique used for food retrieval, to collect invertebrates from just below the water surface. To obtain seeds, Grey Teal will strip them from the aquatic vegetation. During breeding season Grey Teal will feed strictly in breeding pairs or family parties; however, once the breeding season is over they tend to feed as a flock. In terms of ducklings, they must forage for their own food as there is no feeding from parents that occurs. Grey teal will feed at both morning and night time.


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