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Common Bronzewing

The Common Bronzewing is a medium sized stock pidgeon.  It is a native bird and found all over Australia.  There are two areas where the Common Bronzewing  can’t live however which are very dry and barren areas and also rainforests.

The Common Bronzewing is a ground forager for seed and vegetables.  They are always reasonably close to water as their search for food can last several days.

Wikipedia Information

Males of the species have pale-yellow to yellow-white foreheads, and pink breasts. Both males and females have an easily discernible white line around and proximate to their eyes. Common bronzewings also have patches of red, blue and green on their wings, a feature which is characteristic of all bronzewing pigeons. Young birds are usually duller in colour and browner than the mature common bronzewing.

Common bronzewings construct a rough nest of twigs and sticks, which is placed low down in a tree or bush. The eggs hatch after a period of roughly 14 to 16 days, after being incubated by both the male and the female. Both parents share the responsibility of caring for the young. In common with other pigeons, common bronzewings release a milky substance from their crop to feed their young.


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