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Buff Rumped Thornbill

The Buff Rumped Thornbill, or “Butterbum” as it is known locally, is a small bird that inhabits a wide range in Australia.  The Buff Rumped Thornbill inhabits open forest.

I find the Buff Rumped Thornbill and the Yellow Rumped Thornbill to be very similar and difficult to split at times. Probably my colour blindness!

Wikipedia Description

The buff-rumped thornbill (Acanthiza reguloides) is a species of thornbill found in open forest land in eastern Australia, specifically around Sydney, south of Chinchilla and east of Cobar[4] in an area of 1,000,000–10,000,000 km².

The buff-rumped thornbill is found in temperate or subtropical/tropical moist environments living and feeding amidst the foliage or on the ground. However, they are known to prefer nesting sites one to two metres above ground level, particularly amongst the bark of trees. Of a similar size to other thornbills, 8–10 cm long, the buff-rumped thornbill is identifiable by its “buff-coloured rump and belly” and white irides in its eyes.

Since 1926 the buff-rumped thornbill and the varied thornbill (A. squamata) have been combined as a single species, despite considerable differences between extreme examples of the two groups. The buff-rumped thornbill is described as ‘uncommon’ on some occasions. However, it is not deemed to be endangered and has been in the low risk category for the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources since 1988.


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