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Black Shouldered Lapwing

The Black Shouldered Lapwing is a largish type bird and quite common in Australia. The Black Shouldered Lapwing is also known as the Spur Winged Plover, but technically they aren’t plovers, despite being closely related.

We often have them around the neighbourhood in our rural town where they make their nests in the most ridiculously vulnerable places.  These are usually right out in the open.  Eggs and young can fall prey to all sorts of predators.  That said, the eggs are extremely well camouflaged and the birds have a particular way of drawing people away from the nest.  They will call raucously and run off pretending they have a broken wing. They can also swoop when challenged and have a spur on their wing.  Hence the name of Spur Winged Plover.

When the chicks hatch, they are also amazingly well camouflaged.

There are some great photos on Wikipedia of the eggs and chicks that are worth looking at.




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