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Red Fox

The Red Fox is an introduced feral pest in Australia. It is considered to be particularly harmful to our native animals and rivals feral cats and dogs with the destruction it causes.  It has adapted well to the Australian bush and is a worry for birds and sheep farmers also.

The Red Fox is a particular concern when it comes to ground dwelling birds such as the Mallee Fowl.  There is often considerable baiting done for foxes in State Forests and Parks to try to contain numbers.  This in turn helps protect wildlife.

These animals, whilst very cautious of humans, are not called cunning without reason.  They have no fear about coming into backyards after chickens or anything else they might be able to scavenge.

We would love to be rid of this feral pest in Australia, but like rabbits, they are no doubt here to stay.  We will just have to manage them as best as we can.


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