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Lace Monitor

I find the Lace Monitor an amazing reptile. They seem to be all different colours as if you can recognise them by their colouring.

The Lace Monitor is spread right throughout Australia almost. Generally seen in open woodlands, it is always on the lookout for some prey.  It is active during the day and if they are around they can be reasonably easily spotted if on the ground.  Once up a tree, they tend to blend it against the bark and don’t make any noise.

The Lace Monitor, like most monitors, will eat a varied diet. It will take eggs and young from nests, eat other small birds, large insects and small lizards.  They will also eat snakes and are apparently immune to snake venom.

Lace Monitors live in underground burrows, tree hollows and rock escarpments.  They vary in length up to 1400mm.

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