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The Echidna is one of Australia’s well known native animals. It is a unique, shy animal that moves slowly through the bush.  When the Echidna feels threatened, it goes to ground.  It flattens itself out and uses its strong claws to dig into the ground so only the spikes are showing. This makes it quite safe from predators, even those with just a camera.

The Echidna tends to be a solitary mammal, except in breeding season when you may see pairs as in one of the photos here.  Their diet consists mainly of ants and termites.  They feed on these by using their very sharp claws to dig into ant and termite nests in search of their prey.  Their long snout allows them to penetrate into nests they are digging in for food.

Wikipedia Description

Echidnas do not tolerate extreme temperatures; they use caves and rock crevices to shelter from harsh weather conditions. Echidnas are found in forests and woodlands, hiding under vegetation, roots or piles of debris. They sometimes use the burrows of animals such as rabbits and wombats. Individual echidnas have large, mutually overlapping territories.

Despite their appearance, echidnas are capable swimmers. When swimming, they expose their snout and some of their spines, and are known to journey to water in order to groom and bathe themselves



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