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Brown Hare

The Brown Hare, as it is known here, or the European hare is native to Europe and parts of Asia.  It is one of the larger hare species and is well adapted to a temperate climate.  You will find them down the East Coast of Australia from Rockhampton in the north, all through Victoria and tapering out around Port Augusta in South Australia.

The Brown Hare is an introduced species in Australia. Seems they were distributed to landed gentry in the 1860s.  By 1900 they had become an agricultural pest. They inhabit open areas and can also be seen in mallee woodlands.  Once startled, they bolt from cover. Their long legs give them a very speedy escape from predators.

The hares feed on leaves, bark, fruit, twigs and fungi.

You can read more about the Brown Hare at Wikipedia, but the information is mainly based on the European aspects of its existence.


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