Hosting ServiceThis can be a complex subject so let's start with the short version.

In today's world, full of hackers and security issues, you need good quality web hosting to ensure your site is secure. There is plenty of really cheap hosting around but it this generally means your site is on a server with hundreds of others competing for resources. Worse still, the hosting won't be set up to maximise the speed and potential of your content management system.

Content management systems are based on software that is regularly updated. Many of these updates address security flaws that have been discovered.  This is not indicative of poor programming, simply someone has found a way in that needs to be shut down. Remember, security is partly proactive and partly reactive. Consider a museum that has art works stolen.  They may implement what they think is the best security system, but someone still breaks in and steals valuable artwork. They plug that breach and another thief finds another one and on it goes. 

Apart from the software itself, content management systems use many different extensions and plugins that are also updated on a regular basis. You need to ensure this is done on your site.

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The Longer Version

Joomla Hosting

Because of the way in which different content management systems are written, the way the hosting is set up can maximise the securty, speed and delivery of your site.  Bushsong use servers for our clients that are especially configured for Joomla and Wordpress.  We also use servers that are owned directly by the hosting company that we use.  Consequently they write their own security programs and manage each and every server.

Some hosting companies simply sell you hosting and then contract it out to others who own the servers and provide the support. This is not an effective arrangement where you have your businesses intellectual property at risk.


Good hosting and top quality maintenance are worthless without a solid backup plan to support your business or organisation in the event of hacking or breach of security. It is essential that these backups be stored off the server where you host your website. We use and recommend Amazon S3 for this purpose. It is very cost effective.  We can set backups so they are automatically conducted on a regular basis to suit your site. There is an initial cost for setting this all up, but it is subsequently built into your hosting and maintenance package.


Once upon a time in the dim dark past, we used to write sites in html and css code that didn't require any updates at all.  This is not the case with modern content management systems.  They are constantly been updated and improved with their operations let alone updates that occur for security reasons.

Even with the core program running, there may be several extensions used to improve the functionality of the software and site for your business.  Some of the basic ones include editors, search engine friendly addresses, site maps and backup programs to name just a few.  All these extensions also require monitoring and updating on your site as soon as notifications are received.sampleReport

Here at Bushsong, we have invested in excellent technology that monitors all our sites so we are notified as soon as any software updates are available. We immediately apply these updates so that your site remains secure and working with the latest software.


With all our hosting and maintenance, we issue our clients with monthly reports to advise them what has been happening with their site. This will show the number of visitors they have had as well as any updates to software that have been completed. You can be sure that all software is then up to date and keep an eye on your visitor numbers as well.

The image shows a sample report from one of our clients. This is the type of report you can expect to get early every quarter. You can click on the image to see a larger version in a popup.


Pricing for hosting, monitoring and maintenance will depend on the size of your site and the number of extensions you have installed. We are certainly competitive with our terms and would encourage you to contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

Sleep soundly with a safe and secure fully maintained website

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