Early in October, I purchased a new computer from Centrecom in Bendigo. It turned into quite an ordeal.

I believe that if you communicate with people that conflict can be resolved.  However, this doesn’t work when they completely ignore you.

On the 7th October, I lodged a ticket with Centrecom.  I know they received it as they responded with an automated acknowledgement.  Below is a copy of the acknowledgement which includes details of my issues.

centrecom computers
This automated response confirms that we have just received your enquiry via email and will reply as soon as possible. Please note that we do not generally respond to tickets on weekends and public holidays.

Ticket#293701# Lack of Information
I purchased a new computer the other day via order number 774955.  It has been a far from satisfactory experience from my perspective.  I assumed, obviously incorrectly, that the new computer would include Bluetooth.  Seems that was a big mistake.On getting home, which is 75km away from your Bendigo store, I set the computer up and proceeded to get it running. I couldn’t get my computer keyboard or mouse to connect so I was unable to proceed with even the basic setting up of Windows.  I finally rang your Bendigo store to be told I would have to use a USB keyboard with and mouse.  Fortunately I was able to get hold of these and get the computer running.  When I rang and explained my problem to the staff at Bendigo, nobody bothered to tell me that after I got the computer set up with the USB keyboard that I wouldn’t be able to use my Bluetooth equipment.After several hours of trying everything to run Bluetooth connections, I again rang your Bendigo store to be told the computer did not have Bluetooth. The timing of that announcement would have been better had it been the day before.I have now had to purchase a USB dongle which has cost me over $30 with freight so I can set up the speakers, keyboard and mouse.I purchased the computer online as I said.  When I got to the store to collect it, I heard one of the salespeople telling a customer that if they used a debit card then there would be no surcharge applied.  I used a debit card when I purchased the machine online but a surcharge was applied.The person I was dealing with explained that to avoid the surcharge you have to be in store and insert your card and select savings or cheque.  I could of ordered the machine through Bendigo and collected it and paid at the time thus avoiding the surcharge.  You make no mention of this situation on your online shop.If something as basic as Bluetooth is not on a machine, why not say so in the details with an x against Bluetooth or the like.  I was going back to a Windows desktop after 7 years on a Macbook Pro.  I have been around computers since the 1980s and am a retired web developer.  I would like to think I have a little experience with such things.  I just couldn’t believe a modern machine would not have Bluetooth which is why I persisted for so long running tests and troubleshooters and installing drivers that were obviously useless.My experience in dealing with your organisation has certainly taught me a few lessons.  I hope you will also benefit from my experience and improve your communications.

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Thank you for your interest.Regards,Centre Com

On the 27th October, I followed up because I had not received a response.  I am writing this blog post so others may be aware of their standard of customer service on the 5th November.

For an organisation of this size to completely ignore such issues is, in my view, disgraceful.  I would certainly never deal with them again.

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