Off Road Travelling Tips

The Oodnadatta Track in South Australia. One of Australia's iconic outback roads.

There is nothing like travelling off the grid or "off road".  Now I don't necessarily mean up and down mountains by way of fire tracks. Travelling off road can be as simple as getting off the bitumen.  The first advantage you will notice is that there are a lot less people on the gravel than on the black top.  For me, that's the way I like it.


You will also find a lot more out of the way camping places accessible to you where you aren't paying up to $50 a night. This can make your holiday a lot cheaper.  Apart from that you're seeing country not normally visited by people with big caravans and in addition, there are probably more fish in those rivers not everyone can get to with their big rigs.

Travelling off road can generate many a debate around a camp fire.  Opinions are wide and varied about what is the best camper trailer or van, how to set it up properly and the big one of them all; whether or not you should decrease tyre pressure on gravel roads.  I'll leave that last topic for a separate article as I am still not set on a firm opinion.

Mars Campers have brought out a PDF guide called "15 Off Roading Tips To Make You a Pro".  It's a short little guide full of some valuable information that can be quite useful.  It can also raise some questions for you to ponder.  I particular liked the one about changing a wheel at home before you leave to make sure you have all the right gear.  When I purchased our van, it was something I checked and did find, (as the article suggested), that the right sized wheel brace was missing from the kit.

Mars says in their article that you can refer anyone to the booklet including posting on your own website.  So I am publishing it here, thanks to Mars, for anyone to download.  I hope you find it useful.

Click on this link to "15 Off Roading Tips To Make You a Pro" to download.  The link will open in a separate window and of course, you will need Adobe PDF viewer to enable you to read the booklet.  It should make a good addition to your collection of travel books.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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