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Yep.... It's all about me!

G’day there and thanks for stopping by.

I don’t expect this page to get much traffic, but for the limited number of people who might be interested in who I am I thought I would add a bit of a bio.

Born in Jun 1955 in a suburb of Melbourne, I grew up in Mitcham when it was the bush. I think that’s why I’ve always had a love of the bush instead of the suburbs.

A quick run through my career, or careers as it may be, include the Bank of NSW, now Westpac, that I joined when I was 15. I then served in the Austalian Army for 3 years before a short stint in the finance industry. This led me to a 3 year appointment with the Development Bank in PNG where I served as a Training Officer all the way through to Branch manager.

On returning, it was back into corporate and commercial finance up until 1988 when I moved to the country and got into accounting. I was a partner in a firm when I had a major breakdown in 1998 which finished my serious working career.

Subsequently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I did a lot of web development and the like to keep my self occupied. I then retired in 2018 from it all.

This has eventually led to a strong involvement in mental health advocacy and involvement with a number of organisations. This included lobbying for the establishment of the Loddon Healthy Minds Committee and also becoming an accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer.

Over the years, I have enjoyed many hobbies including horse riding and campdrafting. I used to do the Barmah muster when it was still on and regularly enjoyed other musters.  I have done pack horsing in the high country as well.

Norton Commando 850 Interstate
Norton Commando 850 Interstate
Harley Davidson Ultra
Harley Davidson Ultra

I’ve had several motorbikes, the last one of which was a Harley Ultra 1800cc version. I gave them away after two crashes that weren’t my fault and caused me to lose my nerve.

I completed the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program in 2016 and also stood for council.  I am passionate about my community and a strong believer in social justice.

I still love playing with computers, hence this new website. I also enjoy working with wood in my shed and making things out of pallets.

Bushwalking is also a favourite hobby that I combine with anther couple of favourite hobbies of birdwatching and photography.  This site will be filled with photos of various birds, plants and wildlife I have taken.

I hope you enjoy your time here and I certainly hope to meet you some time and have a yarn over a glass of red.

Photographing birds at Skinners Flat