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The Ghan
Australia's most famous train. It runs between Adelaide and Darwin
The Breakaways
Magnificent colour in these mountain areas near Coober Pedy in South Australia.
Devils Marbles
Right on the Stuart Highway about 100km south of Tennant Creek
Daly Waters Pub
The Daly Waters Pub is an Australian icon. You have to go there at least once.
Salt Water Crocodile
This large salty was in the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory.
Katherine Gorge
There are several gorges in Katherine on the Katherine River. They are absolutely spectacular and worth the tour.

G'day From Bushsong!

Hi there!

Perhaps you have visited this site in search of web development and internet services.  This used to be the site for all those things, but I have now retired and am spending my time travelling as much as possible.  This site will become a repository of stories about those travels.

But if you are looking for web development, then by all means visit Martin Beaumont at Magnetic Websites.  I have passed all my clients over to Martin because of his expertise and the attention to detail he puts into all his work.

Now onto more important things. With my wife Jude and our dog Boof, we are looking to explore every nook and cranny of Australia that we can.  A few trips will involve going beyond possibly to some places overseas if I can be tempted to board a plane in cattle class again.

I also plan on getting back into some of my bush poetry and music.  You can explore more about this on my site Australian Bush Verse.  This was the first web site I ever wrote back in 1998 and is still going to this day. I run a Forum on there which has a lot of information about bush verse, bush poetry and bush music.

The main emphasis here is to put stories of our travels and photos of the unique birds, animals and plants we find on our travels.  We spend a lot of time in the bush around Wedderburn, Vic where we live and have a host of interesting flora and fauna from that area.

Do You Like My Images?

If you would like to purchase any of my images to use, simply send an enquiry via the contact form. Prices vary depending on size, resolution and type of licence.

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Australian Raven

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Restless Flycatcher

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Eastern Yellow Robin

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Red Rumped Parrot

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