Complete Web Development

Often when people are asked about web sites, they refer to web designers as the people who prepare web sites. The reality however is that this is only one very small part of the overall role of putting web site online. A true professional will refer to themselves as a web developer as this involves many roles in getting a client's web site to the point where it is published on the web.

Certainly design is important, because if the web site is not designed properly and looks good then visitors will not be impressed and explore deeper into the pages of the site. But looking good is only one aspect of design. Another significant issue is the ease of navigation for the visitor and whether the web site acts intuitively towards the visitor's behaviour and what they are seeking.

Business people and organizations need to remember the golden rule of web development. If your website can't be found on Google, and on the front page for the business product or organizational service you are delivering, then it is absolutely irrelevant how "pretty" your design looks. Web site success is all about traffic. It is no different to the physical world. You can have the best looking shop hidden away in a back alley but unless you have customers visiting your premises you will go broke very quickly. A web site is no different. It must be easily found.

Your web site is your 24/7 representation to the world. It attracts your enquiries and your traffic, both virtually and physically.

You, as the business person or organization controller, needs to ensure your web site is well designed, with good search engine optimisation and is also well secured on a good hosting service to ensure your success in the online world.

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Domain Names

Domain Registration

Your domain name is at the heart of your web presence. Selecting a good quality domain name can improve rankings of your site. Talk to Bushsong about how to go about acquiring your domain name.

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Social Media

Social media Twitter, Facebook and Linked in

Social Media is essential for your business to be successful today. You need to engage with your customers and clients on a regular basis. Frequent posts to social media outlets can also assist in driving traffic to your site. You need to talk with people who know and understand social media. Bushsong does; just check how many followers Ric has on Twitter.

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